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Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells are a good strength-training workout:

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells are a perfect solution for those do not have much space at home but want to have a good strength-training workout. The pair of specially designed dumbbells comprises of 15 sets of weights all in a special dial system. You are able to change the resistance on each dumbbell easily from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds. All you need to do is just turn the dial. The resistance on each dumbbell can be adjusted 2.5-pound a time, up to 25 pounds, so you can increase your strength slowly.Make variety of exercise with Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells:

The variety of exercise you can perform with these dumbbells are countless and include exercise for shoulder (standing shoulder press, lateral raise, seated overhead press, front raise, rear delt row, and shrugs), arm (standing curls, concentration curls, incline bench curls, scott curls, overhead triceps extension, triceps kickback, lying triceps extension, and hammer curls), chest (flat chest press, incline chest press, flat fly, incline fly, and decline chest press), back (alternating rows, wide row, and dead lift), abdominal (ab crunch, reverse crunch, lying trunk rotation, and twisting side crunch), and leg (wide squats, calf raises, stationary lunges, stiff-leg dead lift, reverse lunge, and side lunge).Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells Warranty Details:

The dumbbells also come with 2-year limited warranty on all the parts, a 5-year warranty on weight plates as well as a 1-year warranty on labor. Get the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells if you want something that provides you with numerous strength-training options but saves space too.Pros:

Helps to keep a tidier house with less weights rolling around Comfortable grip Easy to adjust VERY slick looking dumbbell weight sets An affordable choice for anyone who does a lot of home workouts You can add a new dimension to your workouts with the offset weight selection feature Has a 5 year warranty on the plates, two-year on partsCons:Goes up to only 52.5 poundsYou can't upgrade the weight of the dumbbellsShipping price. See note below

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex usually indicates big machines with large price tags. But not with the Bowflex SlectTech dumbbells.

Most exercise programs call for many different sizes of weights. Even if you've space in your workout area, taking out as numerous as 8 to 10 different weights and replacing them once more following workouts gets old very quickly. With the SelectTechs, you just need a few which you alter settings on as you alter physical exercise programs.

The most recent models have some essential improvements. These include the addition of metal tabs to hold weights in location. These weights ought to by no means be dropped throughout a workout. As they are not solid, a drop could outcome in an injury to your self or somebody else. The new handle is ergonomic and fits nicely within the palm of one's hand. The grip also has a good feel that's all-natural as you lift. These SelectTechs handles are market leaders because they are more substantial than thinner dumbbell handles.

These weights work by choosing a position on the finish dial. This dial is set to the weight load you would like to work with. Each plate weighs five pounds, so in the event you choose ten for a function weight, two plates will be locked into location. The weights are kept inside a base plate and you return them to that base following each exercise. The weights shift occasionally and need to be realigned, but apart from that, the system works very well.

If you have currently purchased the Bowflex SelectTech adjustable dumbbells, and did so at their suggested retail cost, you might happen to be have been surprised by the cost. However, these weights are often on sale. The average sale cost is comparable to traditional dumbbells, and you'll enjoy the extra benefit of having the innovative weight system. There are other weight systems available in the marketplace, but severe workout out enthusiasts and weight lifters favor the name Bowflex. One of the reasons for this preference will be the smaller weights for selection. This enables the user to have more flexibility inside your exercise regimen.

Nothing is perfect and one issue with Bowflex SelectTechs is their width. At 16 inches, it is a little long for a few of the exercises in workout programs. The SelectTechs dumbbell method comes with a total weight package of 52.five pounds. The study Bowflex has done shows this is sufficient for much more than 80% of all persons who will purchase the method.

The Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells include an instructional video. This shows the user how to use the weights safely, and also covers a few of the basic weight lifting exercises which you can do with this system. These dumbbells are include a two year warranty on parts, and 5 year warranty on the weight plates. There's also a one year warranty to cover problems which have occurred by improper use. This method will be the answer to the traditional 30 piece dumbbell set.

Bowflex Select Tech 552 Dumbbelles

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